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Used together, these two little hints should make life very easy!


From: jcarrcwalk

Subject: [C3] Easier powerups semi-cob

Date: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 14:25

This isn't really a cob, and it doesn't give you instant powerups, it's just

a way to move the powerups to a safer and more convenient location with the

hand. I could make a .cos out of it, but it's very simple.


1. Hit "Ctrl+Shift+C"

You should get an in game interface command.

2. Enter exactly:

enum 2 24 4 attr 199 next endm

You should now be able to pick up the power-ups and bring them nearer your

norns for easy access. It's not really even a cob, seeing as it didn't take

any work.


Andrew Carroll

I support ERFNB (Equal Rights for NewBies)


From: Mannkind

Subject: Re: [C3] Easier powerups semi-cob

Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 9:30



scrp 2 24 4 1 targ ownr mesg wrt+ 12345 40 5 0

Now the hand can activate the powerups :)


Mannkind OR OR