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From: Darcie

Subject: Re: C3 macros, Thank you, JayD!!

Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 5:18

One problem. As far as I can tell that perminent illness of ettins is

GENTIC! you CAN'T get rid of it :P I got a cross (norn/ettin) from a

freind. We couldn't figure out why she was sleeping and dieing untill I

found that the sleep stuff and the sick stuff got CROSSED! so ensted of

a continually sick norn we got a continually sleeping norn! :P Anways

I put her down and then his died (couldn't eat) :( sigh, mondo

bummer. On the other hand grendle crosses do great... except the beat

the crud out of everyone thing. :P Well hopefull we will start getting

places soon :D



From: Carol

I just want to say I've been using JayD's macros tonight and they are

working really well! If you are having problems with C3, such as: Getting

tired of naming objects or teaching words, keeping the grendels away (I'm

using the eggs in the pond method, myself, but there are alternatives in his

macros), keeping everybody fed and well; then head to his place for some

real help! I've been using them for a couple of hours and things are going

well. One

request :-) A potion to cure the Ettins of their incessant sneezes! The

NornQuil did not seem to cure them.

I've even started a Ettins and Grendels world with no norns-- but I

discovered a small problem with the 'no norns' concept. I haven't tested

this extensively, but it appeared to me that the Grendel mother/egg layer

would not lay an egg until a norn egg had been laid and hatched! But the

Ettin eggs were laid immediately. My impression is that the Grendels are

pretty smart and quick to explore. Sadly, one died young in the Ettin Home

pod. I think the Grendels may be just as interesting as the Norns. I know

some of you already think so, but this is my first go at a world for

Grendels. At least one of my Ettins seemed fearful of the Grendels, but I

have not seen any violent interaction between them.

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to JayD!!!!!