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From: Mandy

Subject: [c3] Running in Windowed mode...(no registry edit)
Date: Monday, November 08, 1999 0:55

I don't think anybody has posted this yet so here it goes:

Quote from C3 FAQ page...

"Running Creatures 3 in windowed mode (and solving selector screen graphic bleed) A couple of users have reported graphic bleed of the left hand selector screens after being in windowed mode. Whilst we believe this is most likely a graphics card error, here's a temporary fix while we look into it:

Shift-Alt-Return will switch between full screen and windowed mode. Once in windowed modes, the selector screens should slide back into place when clicked. To automatically scroll, use the arrow buttons on your keyboard, or, if you have a mouse with a center wheel, you can also press the wheel and move the mouse to scroll.

This keyboard shortcut is also useful for those who would prefer to run in windowed mode as it is not neccessary to alter your registry to use these shortcuts!"

there it is! No more editing the registry!