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From: Raven Shadow

Subject: [C3] CAOS Reference

Date: Sunday, November 07, 1999 12:58

If you want a head start on learning C3's caos . Create a text file save it with a .cos extension in the \Bootstrap\001 World subfolder. It's contents should be ...

file oope 1 "caos.html" 0
dbg: html 1
file oclo

Now create a new world , after it starts the file will be created in the \Journals\ subfolder

Thanks goto Chris Double & Frances Irving for discussing it in the cdn ng :-)

BTW it looks like mulltiple births ( twins , triplets, etc) are now possible!

From: Raven Shadow
Subject: Re: C3 pulled me back----I'm TRAPPED!!!!
Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 13:15

C3 will create a caos file for you :-)

press shift+ctrl+c
type in ...
file oope 1 "caos.html" 1 dbg: html 1 file oclo <enter>
press shift+ctrl+c

Then look in the main \Journal\ directory fo it