From: Dillon
Subject: Door Locks Solved!
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 14:12

With the help of a crazy Ettin named Zeebo, I have finally come up with a system that keeps Creatures in their respective terraiums! Attached are InterTerraium Portable Transporters (same as the previous post but in .agents format.)
Attached are four ITPT Units, one for each terraium, and each color coded for each of the four terraiums:

Red: Desert
Blue: Aguaium
Purple: Norn Terraium
Green: Jungle

To inject them into your current world (YES! Thats right you do not have to start a new world) place these .agents files into your My Agents folders, go to the Agent Creator and look for:

AquaTranspoter : Aquaium
EttnTransporter : Desert
GrenTransporter : Jungle
NornTransporter : Norn Terraium

The agents - not for download until I have permission, sorry

Place these at every door inside the appropriate terraium.
The best setup
This is the best setup, notice that purple is in the Norn Terraium, my reds are in the desert in front of both doors, I have three in the Grendel Jungle, and I have no use yet for the Aquarium....these have alll worked perfectly, no errors, no intermixing.

Special Thanks to Kinnison and Ashley for helping me out this morning concerning the .agents file format. =)