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Okay so far the game is great my two starter norns have had 3 baby girls, but i was wondering how do you get the differant types of norns because so far they have all been the same... and is there a reason why all my children are females?

One of my babies got tortured and killed by the grendel, is there a way to kill the grendel?? He is getting on my nerves...
atually, clicking an object seems to tell norns the same thing as look.
Try it normle some time (thats left click)


hah. is there a way....hmmm...which do you prefer? airlocks, phiranas or sludge guns?


I got a killer ettin that way.


I put mine in the splicer and drop food in the pods hee hee. they are traped but alive and well :)


I like splicing them with an ettin or a copied norn.


Along Ginger's suggestion .. You can also place the eggs in your inventory , where they'll be paused.

learn how connect the agents , use a creature detector ( set for grendels ) connected to a sludge gun .

Brad Chelser

Beside the incubator is the Norn Mother , it has a view screen , click the red button to choose which breed of norrn you want , on the right side of the screen are the gender symbols , choose a gender , click the green button for an egg to be created to those specifications .

To find out what ANY object is , press F1 , a red ? whill appear next to the hand . Now right click on an object for a description of what it is . Left click on an object to teach nearby creatures the word for it.

Raven Shadow

Yes, you can get the sludge gun from the treehouse and keep shhoting him until he looks like he's asleep. He isn't asleep he's dead and after a few seconds he will turn into goo and disapear. Also export all of your norns and go to the jungle. Over by the pirrhrana lake is where the Grendel Mother is. As soon as she spits out an egg, pick it up and put it in the water with the pirrhanas (sp?) Wait for the second egg. As soon as it spits out, place it in the water too. Good News! No more Grendels at all.