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From: David M
Subject: [C3] OR Gate Loop!
Date: Saturday, January 08, 2000 17:13

Step one: Find/Create two logic gates. Set them both to OR.

Step two: Connect the output of Gate 1 to an input of Gate Two. Connect the output of Gate Two to an input of Gate One.

Step three: Get one of those... button thingeys. That sorta look like high-tech versions of the old lift call buttons. Press the button, and it should output a constant pulse.

Step four: Connect the output of the Button Thingey to an input of one of the gates. The OR gates should start bleeping like crazy. Remove the Button Thingey.

Voila! Now, since you can have multiple outputs from one object, you can hook it up to something. I hooked my loop (in the bridge) up to a radio. I had one of those nifty Food Dispenser agents. I set it on cheese, hooked it up to a radio, and in a minute i had... a whole lot of cheese. Okay, that's enough of my rambling. For all who don't remember me, my nickname used to be NornFusion, but I got tired of typing it, and I just use my name, Jim.
So, bye y'all!
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