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From: Raven Shadow
Subject: Re: [C3]I got it today! (tip)
Date: Saturday, November 06, 1999 14:24

An alternative to the learning room ..
Scroll to the teleporter ( top left ) make sure its red button is lit.
Goto the engineering area ( left click on the main exit from the Norn Terrarium) scroll leftward & find the teleporter activate it .

Now teleport any norns you want to teach words , there.
Take them to the cheese vendor 1st and teach them "food" & "dispensor" by pressing F1 and left clicking on each , till they learn it.

Then continue activating the vendor while saying "push dispensor" until they try too ( they'll hit it more often while they learn to ) .

Once they start trying to interact with the vendor , take them to the Learning Stone above & left of it , goto agent help mode and left click on the stone to teach them "tool" , then say "push tool" till they do , they'll be taught ever word , instantly.

Takes only a few minutes to do.

Ginger Blythe wrote in message..
I just got C3 today. It is great! It is very stable. I have a 400 mhz processor with 64 megs of ram. The game ram smoothly and there were no problems at all.

The graphics are awsome. and there are so many plants and animals in the game too. the norns eat and sleep well. I have had several norns in the game. One died from unknown causes while I was in the learning room reaching a baby to speak. later a Grendel came into the learning room while I had a baby in there and the blankedy blank grendel beat the poor little baby to death! I was very upset! There was nothing i could do to stop him from doing it.

This version is alot different from the other two. I think it is going to take me awhile to get the hang of everything.