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From: x0tix
Subject: Re: Totally confused, C3
Date: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 16:47

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:55:59 GMT, "Milla" wrote:

>Can anybody help me, I do believe this might be a real fun game, but how to play it!?

> >The Grendels keep punching my norns to death.
>I'm really low on norns now!

> >What's a wolf-run, and how do you do that?

> >Where are all the tools from C1 and C2. I can't find anything!!!
>Believe me, I've been trying!
>Menus and bars are all gone!

> >Any advice as if I was a 5 year old on how to play this game?

Someone recently posted that putting the grendel egg in the pirhanna pool stops the Grendel mother.

Here's what I would suggest:
1. Export your remaining norns and close the game. Go to JayD's site and get his C3 COBs/Agents/COSs

Especially get the one that lets you grab the pickups with the hand. Put it in the Bootstrap\001 world folder. One of those pickups is the grendel and ettin selector. Once that is processed you will be informed when the grendel mum lays an egg but it looks just like all the other new egg icons. They show up in the upper left corner of your screen.

(Have you installed the bugfix from CL? You'll need to do that so that the new COBs will work)

2. Once you have installed JayD's stuff. Open C3 and start a new world. The stuff doesn't "take" in your old world. that's right. That's why you exported your remaining creatures.

3. In the new world choose to have eggs, rather than norns, and place the eggs in what I believe is called the "Inventory". There are three buttons down the right hand side of the screen. The one on the bottom is your inventory. Click on it and you can place your eggs there and they won't hatch until you put them in the incubator. Click on it again and it closes. Beware, though... The Ettin can grab whatever it wants from the inventory and walk off with it, and usually does, so it's good to get these tasks finished quickly before the Ettins become a nuicance. (There is an Ettin& Grendel Pauser out there, but either it only works once, or I have installed it incorrectly andI can no longer find the website where I found it.)

4. Search for the pickups/powerups in the norn area. Clicking on them sends up a shower of stars, and you are informed that the items has been updated or something.

5. Then start clicking on the doors. the round ones are portals to the main corridor, and there are arch-shaped ones that are utility doors that the Ettins use. Everytime you enter a new pod, an icon floats up to the top and you can use these as shortcuts to the corresponding pods, (sorry but terrarium is too much to type so I prefer pods) There are a number of Pickups in each pod (except the Learning Room --none there)

6. Once in the main corridor you could go to the left and turn on the horizontal oval button that's pulsing away just inside the bridge entrance. This will open a map of the ship and if you click on all three creature forms will show dots where the creatures are in the ship. Norns are green dots, Ettins yellow, Grens are red, IIRC. If a gren hatches before you are ready to grab the egg, you can lure him to the pirhanna pool and drop him in by pushing the large green button at the right of the pool.

The main corridor's portals are marked with thier individual icons, too. So you can know which pod you are entering. And the engineering area is at the far right of the main corridor.

Ya still with me?

Once you have all the pickups, you will have your creator machine (plops out the COB or Agent of your choice) and your replicator (makes copies of parts for your blueprints --I don't understand blueprint's yet) machine and your recycler and other stuff at 100% efficiency. Now you can go to the gren mother (the oval stone with an oval hole in it to left of the pirhanna pool in the jungle pod) and wait for an egg to be laid and put it in the pool. The fish won't hurt it, I'm told. This may also work for the Ettin Eggs. I'm going to try it tonight.

That should at least get you started I hope. Good luck.

Oh, and Lis has a friendly grendel for C3 (Bless you Lis!) I think she calls him Quentin? and

Let me know if this helps. It's just a start, but it will give you a chance to explore a bit.

Following up my own post, I just grabbed the ettin eggs and put them in the pirhanna pond along with the grendel eggs. There are two of each of the gren eggs and the ettin eggs produced after a few minutes waiting. I had to kill off the the ettins already in the world first though. Sometimes I don't like myself very much. :`P

Oh, btw, click on the hand with the question mark in the upper left corner of the screen and then right click on any object and you will get a message screen that tells you all about it --well, some things about it...

~ xOtix :`)^TM
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