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Query: Hive Mind
Results: 1 topic(s). Hive Mind Ettins.
Status: Available.
Further data:
If you don't know what format to load, then think back to when C2 first installed. Did you have to wait for ages while the game converted sprites? If yes, you should get the 555 format. If no, get the 565. If they still look strange, come back and get the other format.

Here are the files, ready for you
555 format
565 format

These are the Hive-Mind Ettins v.1.5 for Creatures 2, complete with new sprites. They take slot H. The genome and COB were made by Cuff Droppin, whose wonderful COBs, and the basic v.1.5 Hive-Minds, can be obtained at Madame Mim's site:

The male sprites were created by Christian Herwitz, who has many interesting items at his site:
The female sprites are the same as the basic CyberLife originals which came with the game, copied to the H female slot, and pink-tinted by the genome.
The whole package has been put together to take slot H and released, at the request of the creators, by Carolyn Horn, who also beta-tested the genome.
Please read Cuff Droppin's Hivemind Readme.doc (or Hivemind Readme.txt), included in this zipfile, before putting these ettins into your world; and be sure to inject the Hivemind.cob (also included).
As far as I am aware, the COB doesn't clash with any other C2 COBs, but this cannot be guaranteed; I don't think that Cuff has laid claim to a series of species numbers in the newsgroup-maintained list. The number in this COB is 300.
The files which you should find in this package are:

Essential files:
  • 28 .s16 files -- put these in your Images subdirectory
  • 28 .att files -- put these in your Body Data subdirectory
  • Hivemind.cob -- put this in your Objects subdirectory
  • hive.gen -- put this in your Genetics subdirectory; use a genome injector to create new Ettins in your world with it. Chris Double's freeware GenomeInjector.exe is a wonderful tool for this.

Extra files for your convenience:
Young Queen.exp
A baby female which you can import if you like
A child male which you can import if you like
Hive-Mind README.doc
Cuff's original Readme file (needs Word for Windows or similar)
Hivemind Readme.txt
Carolyn's text copy of the Readme, for those who don't have Word
Readme First.txt
the file this came from :-)
Written by Carolyn Horn

Email me if you still have problems