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So, what's new and what's comming?
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Saturday, April 7th, 2001.
Added a C3/Docker agent page to hold the first item there. A toy helicopter created by Mandy.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2000.
Reading the Computer Clinic in Electronics Australia for last month, I came across something interesting. A way to either remove or ADD a logo to Internet Explorer. So, I've just whipped up a Norn logo to pop in. It's available on the Beta page and make sure you read the readme file. This little download modifies your IE registry. The download page just for it includes instructions for installing and removing it if you need, along with a warning on what not to do.
Saturday, December 2nd, 2000
Okay, couple of minor updates. Link page has been tidied up a lot, About Me has had some small changes and adding some more quotes to my index page (you know, that black box you see on it of you're running Internet Explorer. For some reason NetScape refuses to see them). Other than that, just the usual. If you're reading the About Me, yes I was in a very grumpy and depressed mood.
Thursday, October 12th, 2000
Well, the old design of my site was slow and space consuming, so a new one is being created and uploaded as rendering and online time permits :)
It's slow going with uploading. My ISP server seems to be reaching breaking point (20 calls just to get a free line!) and someone sent a large email to eat up my bandwidth
Email me if you spot any images or pages missing
Friday, Sepember 22nd, 2000 After long thought, I'm breaking my site up. All the artwork and photos will be on my original geocities site while the breeds, norns and cobs will be on HomeCreatures. But ALL will be accessable via my Homecreatures URL only. This way I can have more personal photos in the photo album and not clutter up my HC account with it, while still offering more breeds and space for a few demonstrations images of what's coming. Now, I guess I better put up an image of my project in the near future

Saturday, July 8th, 2000
Wow, I've been slack keeping this site. But a bit of spare time and a nudge from Julianne and I'm back again. Making minor alterations here and there, plus fixing the links in my photo album.

I fully realise that my links are begining to be out of date. At the moment I'm working long days, 75 miles away so my time is limited for checking them. However, there I think it may help if I put a broken link report form in the page.
There is an ICQ contact page, accessed via my personal details page, if you're curious. At the moment the list is empty
I'm going to start putting unused sprite sets up for download. I no longer have C1 or C2 installed on my computer, as I'm waiting to upgrade my system, including a bigger drive (after I get to the US). So until then, I don't have the space for them. That simply means that I don't have the ability to test cobs. So, I'll stick with sprites. Unfortunately, the collection of sprites from Laz were corrupted in backup, and the error wasn't picked up until after the format :(
Saturday, March 11th, 2000
Well, Don the AmberShee has finished her Butterfly Norns and asked both Ali and myself to host (yay!) So, they're up in 555 format so far, and Don promised the 565 format install file will have something extra! Now, go get them!
19th Feb, 2000
Due to problems with AOL, I'm hosting some of NornLove's latest mutants for her. Happy to do so :)

Also, I think it's time I updated my "Who is" page, don't you?
13th Jan, 2000
Ooh - cool. Carolyn Horn has again completed tinkering and has asked that I host another of her joint projects with Christian Herwitz :) The Hulk Grendels!
12th, Jan, 2000
Okay - now I have bad news, of sorts. It's clean up time yet again, because my drive is absolutely full. With all the beta testing and cobbing, the drive filled with genes and sprites faster than usual and I can't really delete them until those breeds are released :(. Anyway, there probably won't be quites as many updates for a while (until I get a new drive)
18th Dec, 1999
Okay, now hosting something different. Carolyn Horn's new invisible nappies for PFMagic's Babyz game. Available in boyz or girlz
12th Dec, 1999
Wow - Okay, here's something I didn't expect. I'm now hosting the Hivemind Ettins!
I've broken the main menu down, to Sub menus.
I think that in the next few days I can safely say the Asterix cobs will have passed beta (so far, only roblem has been an over population of menhirs and potions)
11th of Dec 1999
Just a small addition - the cloud killer cob
10th Dec, 1999 I just finished preparing another addition to the Asterix series. Druid Getafix can now sit in Albia, stirring his cauldron of potion. It's on the Beta page for now.

6th of Dec, 1999
The lastest Asterix has had the sprites resized. And soon, thanks to Lis Morris, both should be able to bounce them selves out ot water (I'm having troubles in the pond near the incubator - sorry to those of you with Mernorns, I'll produce an aquatic version if needed)
Also, if you're game, I've started working on a set of those Cave Flies from C1. Still a few "bugs" to work out yet.
What else is being modified from the Cyberlife line up? Well, there's the C2 Bee Silencer that Mark Ashton graciously allowed my to post :)

Dec 2nd, 1999
I apologise to those who downloaded Asterix before December 2nd (and 3rd/4th if we get a thunderstorm before I can update) - I overlooked a sprite name error.
Nov 29th, 1999.
Yippee! Guess what - I'm now a host to the Tiki norns! Thanks to Sparkle Blue of The Shee Shuttle for creating them and Carolyn (who set up Slink's Specials ) for sending me the last few sprites I needed.
Now, go get them

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